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Your experienced WANZ member can help you choose the windows that are right for your project.

They will guide you through the many options that are available and talk you through options such as the style of window that best meets your needs, the options for security, the best choice in glazing, considerations in high wind areas, and harsh seaside climatic  conditions, the material and finish for your frames, the options in double glazing, and thermal breaking your windows for energy efficiency.

As windows are so rarely changed during the life time of a building its important you get it right and no one can offer you better expert advice than your WANZ member.

The following downloadable files are available. Please see the sub-menu at the right hand side of this page for more documents.

The WANZ Guide to Window Installation as described in E2/AS1 Amendment 7                       
The objective of this document is an attempt to offer a better understanding of window and door installation as described in E2/AS1 Amendment 7.

The details and drawings used within E2/AS1 to describe window and door installation are two dimensional, cross sectional details which show a required end result. However, often a more in-depth sequential approach might describe the process better to the end user. This is what WANZ have attempted to do with this document by providing a step by step guide to the details offered by this latest version of the Compliance Document E2/AS1.

This edition of the guide has added details pertaining to the installation of full height windows and doors pushed up to the soffit lining.

Click here to download the Guide (V1.4 Nov 2017) - 5 MB

E2 VM1 (Amendment 5 Clause 1.5.3) requires that all previous Verified Solutions (such as WANZ WIS) be retested to amendment 5 as of 1 July 2013. WANZ has  chosen not to re-test WANZ WIS as the E2 Amendment 5 and subsequent amendments addresses all of the previous concerns thus making WANZ WIS redundant.  

Window and Door Installation Qualifications

The Joinery Industry Training Organisation provides qualifications based on NZQA Unit Standards for the installation of aluminium windows and doors as required by the New Zealand Building Code Clause E2, E2 AS/1 and WANZ WIS providing Licensed Building Practitioners with a high degree of confidence in their window installation subcontractors.

Durability of Timber Reveals
Click here to go the Timber reveals section where a summary letter and the full report is available.

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