Screws & Fasteners

Your windows and doors may contain lots of screws, rivets and specialty fasteners to keep components, such as locks and hinges, properly fitted.

Fasteners need to be:

  • Strong enough for the job that they have to do. Depending on the fixing requirements, fasteners generally work by clamping items together and by resisting sheer (sideways) loads.
  • Correctly sized, including the right length, diameter and thread design.
  • Compatible with all the materials that they come into contact with.
  • Properly fitted, including preparation for positioning the fastening, and correctly tensioned.
  • Non-corrosive so as not to cause failure or detract from the good looks.
  • Well made without rough edges - if you can see them they need to be smooth, look good, and, if coloured, matched to the surrounds.
  • Industry standard sizes so you can get an exact replacement if needed.
  • If they are manufactured to WANZ Standards, they will carry the WANZ Component Supplier Mark and be guaranteed by the component supplier.


For Screws:

Specify the screws and fasteners comply with the WANZ Voluntary Standards For Components Used In Window Systems - Part 3 "Specifications for Stainless Steel Self Tapping Screws".

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