Locks and Locksets

The best time to evaluate the security of your building is when specifying your joinery. Factory-fitted locksets are the best choice because only products that work well with the window design will be offered to you. Locksets are units that combine the door latching device and the locking device in one convenient unit.

Locksets must engage tightly with the joinery, therefore design interface is critical. Fixing points must have good anchorage and resistance to rotational stresses. In normal use locksets can be subjected to substantial loads putting severe strain on the mechanism. Under attack from burglars, the loads are extreme and the mechanism should not break, bend, or give way to allow burglars entry.

Good quality locksets don't have to be ugly! Style and good looks can be achieved with the best quality products offering a wide variety of styles and finishes . Unfortunately, some inferior products also look great but perform miserably in service. The best quality products can be identified by choosing those that carry the WANZ Compliance label. A product carrying the WANZ Compliance label means that it has been tested to strict criteria that include:

  • Long life cycle testing simulating real life use
  • Durability of the parts
  • Resistance to physical attack
  • Resistance to "picking" of the lock
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Wear resistance of the surface finish


The Industry is currently developing new standards for locks and locksets. We will post the specification reference when complete.