Timber Accessories for Aluminium Joinery

Timber accessories may be functional or purely aesthetic.

When used in the right places they can enhance the appearance of the aluminium joinery or create privacy.


Enjoy all the advantages of aluminium windows on the outside, while enjoying the classic look of handcrafted natural timber on the inside. Choose from an extensive range of the latest high performance "composite" windows that offer all the advantages of modern technology with the charm of traditional architecture.

Timber Doors:

Consider a natural timber door for special locations where you want to make a stunning architectural statement. A clear finish polyurethane displays all the natural beauty of traditional timbers which have been carefully selected and matched to your requirements. Timber doors perform best in sheltered locations under verandahs or porticos away from the extremes of the harsh weather. All exterior door units must comply with NZS4211 performance requirements windows and doors.

Timber Vents:

Select natural timber vents for adding special character to your home. They can be just for decoration or be both decorative and functional. They are commonly used for ventilating roof spaces on gable ends. It is important that they are designed and installed to keep water outside of the building.

Timber Louvres:

A popular item in warmer locations, providing exceptional cooling to the interior. They are available with closed blades or fixed open blades and they may have adjustable aerofoil shaped blades or timber blades that will fit into glass louvre carriers. Always specify and make sure louvres carry the NZS4211 compliance labels.

Timber Screens:

Coordinate your landscape and architecture with timber screens to create privacy and shelter and strong street appeal.

Timber Shutters:

Timber shutters fixed onto the outside walls beside windows are usually decorative, but they are available in hinged and sliding options to provide a traditional method of security.

Timber Blinds:

Timber blinds allow an excellent mix of light and privacy options. When you have them purpose made, you can mix and match the specifications to exactly what you want.

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