Care & Maintenance of Windows - General

The pages in this section are a simple guide to looking after your windows and doors. Regular washing with water is a simple way to keep your windows and doors looking great. Simply wash the entire window and frame with clean water. Be careful not to force water into the building, as the forces from your garden hose are quite different to normal wind-driven rain.

Building & Renovating

Building sites are notorious for damaging windows. If you live in a new subdivision where cement dust may be in the air, or in a rural area where agricultural chemicals, such as lime, may be in the wind, wash your windows and doors frequently until that risk is no longer present. Windows in coastal areas also require frequent washing to remove the wind-blown sea salts.

All chemicals, and especially chemical cleaners, are very risky. Please avoid them entirely. We strongly recommend never using scrapers or similar tools on window glass – it can, and does scratch and, mostly, cannot be repaired.

Inspection Distances

The industry benchmark for inspecting installed joinery on site for damage is two metres in the noon daylight. Claims related to on site damage (see above label for details- click for a larger view) should be referred to the site management.

There are two common types of surface finish on aluminium windows - powdercoat or anodised. Please see the following pages for more detailed information.

If you are unsure what type of surface finish is on your windows, please check with your window supplier.

Powdercoat Care & Maintenance           Anodised Care & Maintenance