Glass adds special appeal to furnishings with its alluring transparency and sparkle.

Whether it's furniture glass, such as the table illustrated, or vanities, basins or hygienic work surfaces - glass offers stunning aesthetics and a wide range of design possibilities.

However, glass can be dangerous, and especially so when it is not properly designed for the job it has to do.

The attached Glass Association of New Zealand Code of Practice for Glass in Furniture and Similar Applicationsprovides guidance for selecting appropriate glass for these applications. It has been written to support the ACC advertising and Department of Labour OS&H initiatives to reduce serious harm accidents.

The Code of Practice also provides retailers and their customers with an independentresource they can use to check that their suppliers are providing goods that are fit for purpose.

The Standard also covers:

Trolleys, cabinets (including refrigeration display cabinets), shelving, splashbacks and wall claddings, mirrors (wall hung, fixed or other mirrors not covered by the NZS4223 Part 3), and internal glass fitments.

You can download a free copy of the document here, or click on the document at the right of the screen.

PDF File Size is 220kb

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