In-Situ Re-finishing

Recolouring your joinery without removing it from the building.

In some circumstances it can be economical to re-finish your aluminium windows and doors. For example:

  • If your windows are near-new and have suffered damage.

  • Corporate re-branding of premises where a colour change is required

  • Maintenance of very expensive window systems where parts of a system need re-finishing.

Because the windows are already installed the re-finishing takes place on site without removing the windows or doors from the building.

Professional re-finishing that maintains the value of your property requires:

  • Industry expertise

  • Registration in accordance with WANZ’s minimum requirements

  • Specialised in-situ re-finishing technology

  • A detailed understanding of how window systems are constructed

  • Industry approved maintenance procedures

  • Access to genuine replacement parts

  • Window manufacturer’s warranty must not be voided.

At least partial disassembly is required depending on the design of the particular window system. This is the ideal time to take care of any maintenance and repairs. Like most things, it seems simple until you get started! It is not just a matter of slapping on some paint - there are many horror stories.

For these reasons the window industry has a standard specification that details the minimum requirements which members undertake to abide by when undertaking in-situ re-finishing.

Only WANZ members have access to the specification because the entire process requires rigorous processes and administration to maintain registration.

Membership and registration are not expensive, so do not be misled by anyone offering you that excuse for not being a registered WANZ In-Situ Re-finisher with a system complying to SFP Standard.

The Standard is similar to the Standard applying to powder coating certified to ISO 2409 and AS 3715-2002 for fading, adhesion, salt acetic spray over a period of 1,000 hours laboratory testing.

Current registered in-situ re-finishers are:

Technicote International 0