Louvre Windows

By selecting an energy efficient window, combined with good passive design principals, you can build a sustainable home that requires less energy to heat or cool a home. Louvre windows are a great option as they open up twice as wide as regular windows to maximise the flow of natural ventilation when strategically placed throughout the house.

The amount of airflow entering the building from a louvre window can be controlled either manually or remotely. Automated louvres can be connected to a building management system to help control the performance of the building based on current weather conditions, the time of day or even the season. This is a perfect way for efficiently purging a building of warm, stale air and allowing fresh breezes to flow in and keep the building at a comfortable temperature. Tall, narrow louvres installed next to fixed glass panels are a perfect example for maximising your view while enjoying the benefits of fresh air at any time of day.

Louvres can also be installed on internal walls to further assist with natural airflow throughout the home. Using solid blade options, internal louvres function as walls when in the fully closed position, and create the feeling of spaciousness and more natural light when partially or fully open. The quality of indoor air is significantly improved, whist reducing condensation and the build-up of mould to ensure a healthy living environment all year round.

It is also important that your louvre windows seal tight in the closed position to ensure wind and rain are excluded in bad weather conditions. This is a critical requirement to look for when choosing which louvres to install. The sealing performance is measured as a Pascal rating. Examine the manufacturer’s claims and select ratings that match the requirements of your particular location. Your local authority building inspector can tell you what the minimum rating should be.

When selecting the right louvre window for your needs, consider the following:

  • Ensure your louvres have been tested to New Zealand Standard NZS 4211:2008.
  • Source louvres with non-corrosive materials to ensure they will stand the test of time.
  • Choose energy rated louvres to suit all climatic conditions and provide the best performance possible.
  • Look for an extensive colour range so you can match your louvres to your internal and external furnishings.
  • Seek a variety of blade options: Use glass blades to enjoy scenic views while still maintaining a sense of spaciousness and to enjoy warm sunshine on cold winter days. Use timber or aluminium blades for to provide privacy yet still allow natural ventilation into the home.
  • Automate your louvres and effortlessly control a comfortable level of ventilation into your home at any time of day.
  • Screen your louvres or install bars or key lock systems to suit your individual requirements.

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