Powder Coating Colour Selection

The selection of colour for aluminium windows and doors plays an important role in creating the right atmosphere and aesthetic appeal of a finished building, as does choosing the design of the joinery itself. Colour co-ordination can become paramount in the minds of many home owners and designers, and sometimes insufficient consideration is given to comparing the long-term colour retention and performance characteristics of the colour chosen. This is especially important in the harsh New Zealand environment.

The powder coatings that are used in New Zealand today are some of the most durable coatings available in the world.

The powder coating colours that are available on various manufacturers’ colour charts are generally designed for exterior environments. Within the range of colours the reality is that some colours perform better than others in retaining their original colour and, as a result, the performance features are as follows:

Light, Pastel Colours:

These have the best ultra violet performance of any colour system, be it powder or paint.

Darker Colours:

These absorb more heat as they are unable to reflect away the light as successfully as light colours; hence they age more readily when subjected to long-term ultra violet rays. A regular cleaning programme will increase the longevity of these finishes.

Bright Colours:

Bright colours such as reds, yellows and oranges are produced using synthetic orange pigments. While every effort is made to use the highest grade pigments available, these types of colours tend not to retain their bright original colour as well as the pastel or dark colours.

The choice of bright colours for use on exterior aluminium windows and doors needs careful consideration. When a good long-term performance is required it is preferable to choose a higher ultra violet performance powder that incorporates ceramic pigments to ensure long-term durability.

If you require bright colours for aluminium windows and doors that are likely to be exposed for prolonged periods, please consult with your supplier for appropriate recommendations.

For the full range of colours please check with your supplier.

Note: With any powder coat surface it is critical that a regular cleaning programme is adhered to. Please refer to the separate Care and Maintenance Instructions. (Link)