How to Buy Windows

If you're buying a car or a computer, you can read the reviews and even try before you buy. But unfortunately, it's hard to do the same with window joinery. Once it's installed, you have to hope that it will do the job ... unless it wears the "label".

There's a strict quality standard for windows in New Zealand. It's called NZS 4211:1985, and it means you purchase your windows with peace of mind.

All windows carrying this label have been rigorously tested in an accredited laboratory. They're tested against a whole range of performance criteria, including air leakage, water leakage, and deflection under wind pressure.

Not every window passes. But if it does, it will carry the NZS4211 label. The label will show you the brand name of the window, which wind zone it is designed for and its air leakage grade ('LEVEL'). So you can rest assured that it's strong enough to withstand the rigours of the New Zealand climate.

The label also carries a WANZ logo. This is the symbol of the Window Association of New Zealand - a professional body of over 40 Years' standing.

Most of New Zealand's reputable manufacturers belong to the WANZ. They know their products will be tested, and they are happy to see them put to the test. And that's because the WANZ is committed to maintaining the industry's reputation, by setting high standards.

So next time you are thinking about buying windows and doors, check you are dealing with a WANZ member - which assures compliance with NZS 4211 - and means peace of mind for you.

Look for the "label" and you'll know that you're getting the best.

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