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Why you should choose to deal with a Window Association of New Zealand Member

About WANZThe Window Association of New Zealand is the commercially neutral meeting place for everybody involved in any aspect of the New Zealand window industry. Like most other industries worldwide, our New Zealand window industry is fiercely competitive and that competition aims to deliver the very best deals to customers.

The Window Association of New Zealand establishes standards, which are appropriate to New Zealand conditions, by which customers can judge the quality of the goods and services they are being offered.

Members undertake to manufacture windows and doors, including all their component parts, complying with all relevant mandatory standards.

Members will have their Annual Practicing Certificate and Code of Ethics on public display in their showroom and are entitled to include the Window Association of New Zealand membership logo on their signage and literature.


The Window Association of New Zealand is a not-for-profit organization that reputable suppliers support through voluntary membership and serving on industry committees and Task Groups. If your supplier is not a member of the Window Association of New Zealand we encourage you to carefully consider whether or not you really want to purchase from any supplier who does not actively support the industry's core values. The Window Association of New Zealand in turn does not support customers who choose to purchase from non-members.

What the Window Association of New Zealand Does

The prime objective of the Window Association of New Zealand is to establish high standards for our members. Our continuing goal is to help our members to satisfy and, when possible, to exceed the expectations of their customers so that their existing customers, as well as their new customers, have no reason to seek supply from any other source.

The Window Association of New Zealand is a national trade association with the membership comprising all sectors of the window industry.

The Association has operated since 1965. The Association continues to keep pace with the trends in the industry, providing the forum for the industry to work collectively as a whole, and/or specifically within its many Sector groups, thus bringing about change for the ultimate benefit of our members' customers.

Since the 1960's the change from timber and steel to aluminium has been most marked, in that approximately nine out of ten windows used in New Zealand are now manufactured of aluminium. New technologies continue to emerge and the Window Association of New Zealand is responsive to the needs of members who pioneer innovation.

Major achievements of the Association have been the incremental development of a world-class industry, developing window performance specifications, adopting, promoting and contributing to appropriate international standards, working co-operatively with our international trading partners, provision of a disputes resolution service for the public and the trade, and national and international recognition as a highly respected, self-regulating industry.

Disciplinary measures exist within the Window Association of New Zealand rules. The Window Association of New Zealand is also an active member of many other building industry trade and subcontract groups.


We have a long history of welcoming constructive criticism. We aim to continually improve our services to members and their customers. Please use this link to send us a message regarding any matter of concern to you.