Window and Door Test Sizes

To simplify compliance of all door and window material types with the normal demands of New Zealand Housing, the window industry tests for NZS4211 compliance to the following minimum test sizes.

Testing to these minimum sizes means that all windows and doors of that particular configuration up to the size of the test specimen can be confidently related to the relevant test certificate. 

Any window or door configuration larger than the tested size is not covered by general test report needs to be treated as a "Specific Engineering Design". In practice this usually means special testing - e.g. overheight doors of 3 or 4 metres will have SED test certificates.

Independent Window Testing Engineers associated with the Window Assocation of New Zealand can advise manufacturers on the most economical way to undertake testing.

In the rare event that a window or door design remains current after ten years, product Test Certificates should be revalidated by an IANZ certified window testing engineer in the tenth year.

All Window Association of New Zealand members are required to file copies of their current test reports with the Window Association.

Clickhere for a PDF Printable version of the above Minimum Standard Test Sizes andConfigurations