Labelling Windows & Doors with NZS4211 Compliance

Revision of the New Zealand Building Act 2004 and the New Zealand Building Code has heightened awareness of the importance of installing tested and complying window and door products for the weathertightness and structural performance of the exterior building envelope.

Windows and doors that have been properly selected according to the wind zone, and have been tested to the standard
NZS4211:1985 Amendment 3, will automatically comply and be accepted by TA’s when labelled accordingly.

What NZS4211 says about labelling

NZS4211 requires that all window and door units be labelled.

If they are NOT labelled, NZS4211 says they do not comply with the Standard.

The New Zealand Building Code E2 / VM1 1.2f requires that Window and door units must be tested to NZS 4211 to the appropriate wind zone or specific design wind pressure.

All window manufacturers are required to label each and every window and door unit they make.

WANZ strongly supports Building Inspectors rejecting any window or door that is not labelled with the required compliance information.

Where to position compliance labels

Each compliance label refers to the relevant IANZ registered laboratory Test Certificate.


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Each opening window unit should be labelled in the stay cavity, immediately below the left-hand side stay.


Doors should be labelled on the doorjamb immediately below the top hinge.

Fixed Lites

Fixed lites should be labelled on the top right hand corner of the unit (viewed from the inside of the building).


As per windows and doors whenever possible, otherwise fixed on the bottom right hand corner of the unit (viewed from the inside of the building).

Commercial Entrance ways

These require Specific Design.

Other Performance Standards

Window Performance Standards from other countries cannot be accepted without a registered window engineer's report validating each design and its suitability for specific wind zones within New Zealand.