Windows and doors make a huge difference to the way we live our lives and the appearance of our home’s . Around one third of the exterior of most homes is made up of glass windows and doors.

We ask a lot of our windows over the lifetime of a home. They have to :

  1. Frame views
  2. Let in light, warmth and  ventilation
  3. Allow “indoor outdoor” living
  4. Help keep us warm in winter and cool in summer
  5. Act as security
  6. Keep the weather out (wind, rain, snow and sun!)
  7. Makes us feel good and connected

Also over the lifetime of our homes they have to continue to perform efficiently including constant mechanical opening and closing.

The other important thing to think about is how often do we change our windows? It’s important then to get it right the first time.

Your chosen WANZ member is an expert and can guide you through the many options available with today’s high performance windows.