Surface Protective Films/Tapes

For Use On Aluminium Joinery

This document covers the requirements and application of adhesive backed film or tape designed to protect the surface of powder coated or anodised aluminium joinery against dirt, scratches and damage during fabrication, transportation, storage or installation and any construction process.

Surface protection films or tapes do not protect the surfaces where applied against moisture, corrosive or chemical substances.

These protection films or tapes are a type of specialized paper or plastic coated with a layer of pressure sensitive adhesive. The majority of these products are not designed to be left on the substrates long periods -  a key word when describing protective films or tapes is ‘temporary” protection. Non-UV resistant protection films or tapes (which are usually transparent) are not suitable for long periods of outdoor use.

If you are considering purchasing surface protection films or tapes ask your supplier which product is suitable for your particular application. Certain applications will require extended time frames of outdoor use, when this application is required look for products that have been tested for that purpose. Suppliers may have tapes or protection films that have been tested to WANZ methods.

Request information detailing all technical aspects of the product, including maximum service life, any limitations, and obtain results of the test procedures of the surface protection film or tape from the manufacturer/supplier.


Storage and Application

1. The substrate which the film/tape is to be applied must be free of oils, dirt and dust. Contact your powder coat/anodizing manufacturer for their preferred cleaning methods. Then the substrate should be cleaned with a dry cloth.


2. Do not apply the film/tape to substrates that have a high surface temperature. For example if the substrate was heated by direct sunlight, wait for it to cool to an ambient temperature. Also avoid applying to wet or damp substrates.


3. Ensure that the film/tape is applied with an even pressure on the substrate and avoid air traps or wrinkles while applying. Follow specific application instructions by supplier.


4. Remove the film/tape to suppliers within recommended time frames. DO NOT EXCEED!! Always ensure that the products you are using are fit for purpose and use recommended products from reputable or WANZ registered suppliers.