Powder Coating Quality Assurance

Why choose an Endurocolour® registered applicator to powder coat your architectural aluminium?

If you have a toothache you visit a dentist. If you’re having difficulty seeing you see an optometrist. You know they have the right knowledge for your specific needs.

Endurocolour® is the Powder Coating Quality Standard for The Window Association of New Zealand.

It is an industry standard designed by the Window Association of New Zealand specifically for New Zealand conditions. You can be sure that powder coating applied by an Endurocolour® registered applicator is a quality, lasting finish.

Endurocolour® is your assurance of top quality.

Endurocolour® is a registration system available only to members of the Window Association of New Zealand Surface Finishers Group. When an applicator becomes a Window Association of New Zealand Endurocolour® registered applicator they undertake to meet strict criteria based on the PQAS and are subjected to an initial registration audit. Once the applicator has met the criteria of the PQAS they are awarded Endurocolour® registered applicator status. With an Endurocolour® registered applicator you can be sure that they meet or exceed agreed industry standards when they produce powder coated architectural aluminium. That’s your assurance from your Endurocolour® registered applicator.

Maintaining your Assurance of Quality Workmanship

The Endurocolour® registration does not end after they are awarded their certificate. Each Endurocolour® registered applicator is constantly monitored by an independent auditor as well as by key industry suppliers. After an initial registration audit carried out by an independent auditor, each registered applicator must satisfy monthly checks by key suppliers as well as ongoing registration audits by the independent auditor. Because registration can be withdrawn if the applicator fails to meet the PQAS requirements, you know that the Endurocolour® licence assures you of a quality job.

Why Endurocolour® and PQAS for New Zealand?

  • Because the Standards are designed in New Zealand specifically for New Zealand.

  • Because they are recognition of industry best practice.

  • Because they establish quality and consistency of process.

  • Because they will promote the long term well-being of powder coating as surface finish medium.

Because you want to ensure a quality, lasting job for yourself and your clients.


Window Association of New Zealand is a not-for-profit organisation, established in 1965 to support the suppliers and trades people of the window industry in New Zealand. Their objective is to establish and maintain a high degree of industry-wide quality and performance. To find out more about the Window Association of New Zealand visit