Glass Health and Safety Templates

About these resources

These resources are intended to provide “start-up” assistance to any glass business that is finding it difficult to get started on Health and Safety for their business.

It is not intended that any of the documents listed below will be the final solution for your business, but rather the starting point from which you modify the document to tailor it to the exact requirements of your business.

“Similar” businesses are not “identical” businesses – and that’s why these documents are not a “one size fits all” solution. Those unique differences must be identified and added to these starting documents so that appropriate measures are put in place to ensure the safety of everyone – including staff, contractors and visitors.


Use WorkSafe as Your Primary Guide

Please visit the WorkSafe website as your main source of information and for comprehensive support on understanding the requirements of the legislation (Health and Safety at Work Act 2015). The resources on this page may then prove to be valuable starting documents for kickstarting your own Health and Safety system.

Hire an expert to review your system when you have completed it. (If you are a WANZ member, you have access to experts, auditors, telephone and email support services to assist you every step of the journey).


Keep Your System Up to Date

Just as setting up your Health and Safety System is a process, so is keeping it up to date and relevant to your business. So, diary regular review dates and have simple “tool box” meetings with your staff so that everyone is on-board with looking out for the Health and Safety of the whole team.


More Benefits Than Costs

A good Health and Safety will save you money. Staff are happier, accidents are rare, productivity increases and ACC costs are minimised. Some businesses report that the results are so good, they go on to apply the same “management” principles to other areas of their business with great results. What started as something they “had” to do, now is now something they “want” to do – and the business is growing as a result. Everyone wins.


Glass Health and Safety Templates Downloads

By clicking on any of the documents to download them, you are acknowledging the above comments and agreeing that how you choose to use or modify the document is entirely at your own risk.


Accident Investigation Report

Glaziers Training Register

H&S Policy


Hazard Identification

Safe Work Assessment (SWA)

Safety Procedure (Example)

Safety Procedure Document

Site Induction

Task Analysis

Tool Box Talk Record

Trained First Aider’s Register